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1.Caviar Albino Almas

Caviar Heritage Albino Almas

The rarest and most expensive caviar in the world from albino sturgeon. Almas, meaning diamond in Russian, is historically reserved for Russian, Iranian and Austrian royalty. Soft and silky-textured roe, hints of hazelnut with lingering intense flavours of the sea. Rich and silky, the eggs have a buttery touch along with a delicious nutty taste. As the Albino sturgeon matures, its eggs become more elegant, smooth, aromatic, and delicious with a spongier texture. This Almas Caviar is exceedingly rare and available in Extremely limited quantities

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2.Caviar Beluga Huso Huso

Caviar Heritage Beluga Huso

Serving Beluga Caviar Huso Huso certainly has its reputation for being one of the most exclusive caviars in the world. It truly represents the elegance of the fine caviar experience. Beluga offers an astonishing and beautifully complex flavour. It appears medium-large in size and the colours are typically light grey with fascinating marble effects. Beluga caviar was the favoured delicacy of the Shahs of Persia and the Tsars of Russia respectively. Beluga has remained the ultimate in luxury, a culinary experience like no other on earth!

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3. Caviar Heritage Golden

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The first of its kind, Heritage Gold Caviar is considered to be the King of all caviar from our range. It is one the most exclusive type of “Caviar Heritage”, and it has always served as something special! The rarest and most expensive caviar available after Almas, less than 1% of entire global caviar production. Our caviar farmers claim that they produce a maximum of 350-400 Kg of this rarest caviar per annum from their total 60Ton caviar production. Its, Rich and silky large eggs have a buttery mouthfeel and a delicious nutty taste.

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