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Tradition Of Caviar

Refined, Elegant, and Transcendentally Flavorful, caviar epitomizes all that’s good about the Luxury Life. It represents Quality, Cultivation and Seductiveness. It’s what you eat when you can have anything you want, and when you want the very best, you choose from Caviar Heritage

Caviar Etiquette

It may be difficult to understand or value the taste of caviar at first bite because it has a unique flavour, which can be sensed in length of time. Furthermore, it is better to try a variety of caviar kinds to find out our own preferences. To catch the taste of caviar you need to try it at least twice or three times. And then you’ ll find out that “it’s a heaven for your taste buds” 

To fully enjoy all the subtle flavours of Caviar, try the following ritual: Serve a small portion of Caviar on the back of your thumb. After a few seconds on the hand, the Caviar warms slightly and the intense taste of the caviar will be released. First, bring your fist under the nose and evaluate the fragrance; this should be almost absent, sometimes slightly evoking the sea (but it should not be associated with the smell of preserved fish).
Now, let’s taste! Take the caviar in your mouth and use your tongue to trap and burst the roe against the palate (roof of your mouth). Only then, the pure taste and delicate flavour of the Caviar will be fully released and appreciated.
“Simply enjoy an explosion of taste…”

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Our Certifications

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IFANCA, Halal food certification, Since 1982, IFANCA Organisation is committed to help halal consumers through research, education and advocacy. Halal certification by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) represents a guarantee that what the consumer is purchasing is 100% halal with no doubt.

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Under the guide of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), CITES (The Convention of Internationally Traded Endangered Species), and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), our professionals grade, select and package our products for caviar lovers around the world.

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Every day Friend of the Sea strives to make sustainability a reality. Friend of the Sea aquaculture farms produce without the use of growth hormones, respecting waters parameters and critical habitats. Friend of the Sea Sustainable Aquaculture Criteria require:
– no impact on critical habitat (e.g.: mangroves, wetlands, etc)
– compliance with waste water parameters
– no use of harmful anti-foulants nor growth hormones
– compliance with Social Accountability
– gradual reduction of carbon footprint

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The BRC Standard for Food Safety is a certification system focusing on food safety and hygiene in the food-processing industry. This BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is the most widespread certification standard in the world for food safety.

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Our partners have been awarded with the IFS “High Level” Certificate. The IFS Food Standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for auditing food manufacturers. The focus is on food safety and the quality of processes and products. IFS-certified companies produce a product or provide a service that complies with customer specifications, while continually working on process improvements. Finally, IFS aims to ensure comparability and transparency for the consumer throughout the entire supply chain.

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Staying with nature is no doubt the keyword of the future, as it is the only way to ensure a future for current and next generations.  Since 1998, The sturgeon has been listed by the Washington Convention as species in danger of extinction. Our partner has been fighting every day for over 15 years to safeguard this endangered fish species. The entire manufacturing facility is certified with “HACCP“, “BRC”, “IFS” and “IFANCA” which are quite unique in the world of sturgeon breeders and caviar producers. Moreover, recently our partner has got awarded with the Certificate “FRIEND OF THE SEA” for their natural approach in breeding the sturgeon.

Traditionally, there are two basic ways of packaging caviar for retail sale. It is either presented in vacuum sealed tins or in vacuum sealed glass jars. On our site, you will see that we only sell proper caviar in tins

To capitalize on Caviar Heritage taking every measure to ensure freshness with pristine refrigeration and stringent quality controls, we recommend consuming your caviar at your earliest convenience to ensure optimal freshness and flavour. Caviar will maintain its top quality for up to 4 weeks when stored unopened and refrigerated (ideal temperature: 0-2 degree Celsius). Much as with any fresh fish product, once the tin is opened, we recommend consuming your caviar within 24 hours (and kept refrigerated or over ice during that time). These refrigeration recommendations will ensure not only the best flavour, texture, and aroma of your caviar but also protect you from any possible health and safety concerns.